Relocation Services in Seville

If you’re looking for relocation services in Seville then you’ve come to the right place.

Move to Sevilla works exclusively in Seville and our employees all live in the city. We know how to get things done and how to enjoy the city for all it has to offer. We bring our worldly experience to the city we love and our aim is that before you know it, you feel like a local too.

After an initial consultation to familiarize ourselves with your situation and your priorities, we’ll formalize an action plan to enlist the relocation services you need and cut through the red tape as quickly as possible. Our mission is to assume the brunt of the work without having to involve you so that you can focus on settling into your new home and enjoy getting to know your surroundings.


Immigration attorney, Visa application, NIE application.

Home search

Pre-selection, guidance, accompanied visits, rental agreement and tenancy management.

School search

Information, advice and accompanied visits to find the right fit.


We partner with international companies to offer you discounted services.

Bank account and utilities

Pre-managed and operational by the time you arrive.


Private or group lessons. Learn with the best native teachers.

Health Care

Public health paperwork, private insurance consultation and advice.

Tax and Law

Attorneys and economic advisors at your disposal to suit all of your needs.


Driver license, vehicle search, guided tourism and more.


Sevilla has a lot to offer. We'll point you in the right direction.